About weed removal tools

Who We Are

For almost a decade, Weed Razer™ has delivered unique solutions to cut, clear and manage aquatic weeds, algae, muck and other unwanted material found in your lakes and ponds. This proven line of products is headlined by the Weed Razer–which efficiently cuts almost any type of rooted lake weed. It features stainless-steel blades with a specialized “V” shape to ensure the optimal position and action to cleanly slice aquatic vegetation. Additional versions of this weed removal tool are now available, as is a full line of products focused on removing aquatic vegetation.

The History of Weed Razer and Jenlis, Inc.

Weed Razer is part of Jenlis, Inc. which was incorporated in 1999 under the name BetterMilk Inc. BetterMilk was founded to bring a calf milk pasteurizer (created in the basement of the founder’s home) to the dairy industry. In 2003 BetterMilk sold the patent rights for its pasteurizer. Eventually this led to selling other products in the dairy industry. In 2006, the company was renamed Jenlis after the names of the founder’s two daughters, Jenna and Lisa. In 2007, the Weed Razer was introduced. It was designed for cutting aquatic vegetation. This product line expanded in 2008 with the addition of the Weed Raker, a complimentary tool to the Weed Razer and has grown significantly.

Jenlis has added several other brands and products in a variety of markets including hunting, land management, bars and restaurants and dairy. Today, Jenlis serves these markets all over the world. Dan Amundson still owns the company he started. He feels strongly that he was put on this earth to create products that offer better solutions. From his first days in the dairy industry to category-creating products in the outdoor market, Dan has delivered. He continues to develop product ideas around his areas of interest which include hunting and land management from his home in the bluff country of southeastern Minnesota.

“Weed Razer is dedicated to bringing you products that improve the quality of your lake or pond. We will keep coming up with innovative and effective ways to enhance your experience in and around the water.”


— Dan Amundson
Owner, Weed Razer